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Business ideas for kids

Business ideas for kidsIs it a wise idea to encourage your kid to be an entrepreneur at a tender age? Have you ever thought of good business ideas for kids? A study conducted some few years ago tried to ask and answer questions on the success of business in later life. The study concluded that the age at which one starts a business plays an important role in having a successful business later in life.

The study also suggested that teaching your kids on financial habits at a tender age helps them to be successful when they become adults. This article will look on some few business ideas that kids can start to help them in saving and management of their businesses in their later lives;

Jewelry and crafting

If the kids have an inclined creativity, this is a good chance for them to make some jewelry and sell online. Platform such as Etsy reduces the struggles of making a website. The kid will only have to upload the products. Twenty cents is the only fee required to list the product on the website.

Paper routes

Did you know that Warren Buffet delivered newspapers before he started his own business? Well, he was just a kid when he was doing this job. For instance, in Carroll, the Daily Times is delivered by kids aged between nine and seventeen years.


In the current world, most kids are tech savvy more than their parents. Parents should consider registering small websites for their kids. It is cheap to pay for a web host and register a domain. The founder of whatever life website, Ashley Qualls, started the site at the age of 14. It was a personal portfolio where she uploaded graphics that she created. She even included some tutorials on how to make graphics for teens. She bought her first home using the profits made by the website. She was successful such that she turned down the offer to sell the website for $ 1.5 million.

Dog walking

Those people who are busy don’t have much time and need someone to keep their dogs healthy by walking them. This kind of a job kids can handle well. Dog walkers charge for a hourly rate for the services. The kids can also include pet washing and sitting. Kids can advertise their services online by use of a nice profile.

Although today the world is global village and it’s very easy to start and run a business but there are also hardest businesses to start and run in 2020.